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Heating Your Home With a Fireplace

Is there anything better than sitting in front of a fireplace during the winter? When temperatures begin to drop, homeowners across the country turn to their fireplaces for a warm, cozy ambiance and potentially even some added heat. But can a fireplace alone heat the house? 

Fireplaces That Can Heat the House

There are lots of different types of fireplaces, and some are specifically designed to heat extra-large areas, while others are more for decoration. EPA Certified Wood Fireplaces, High-Efficiency Gas Fireplaces, and Pellet Fireplaces are three of the most common types that are designed to accomplish large heating tasks.

Most of these systems are designed to offer a heat transfer kit or a forced air kit that help disperse warm air throughout the entire house, rather than keeping it concentrated in one room or area.

Fireplaces That Can’t Heat the House

On the other hand, most fireplaces are not designed to provide enough heat for the entire house. Open-Masonry, steel, decorative wood, gas, and electric fireplaces are all on the list of ones that can serve a great purpose (whether it’s to heat a small area or solely for decoration and ambiance) but won’t get the whole-house job done.

With that said, these types of fireplaces, which tend to be more common throughout the United States, won’t be as efficient in heating your home as would a designated HVAC system.

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