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Water plays a vital role in our everyday lives! We drink water to live, and we use it to shower, bathe, wash dishes, flush the toilet, and so much more. But did you know that the water from your tap isn’t as clean as you may think? There are several reasons you should install water filters in your home.

Sanitizing Tapwater – While water can be treated to remove bacteria and sediment, the chemicals used to treat the water can produce dangerous byproducts. Every time you wash dishes, brush your teeth or wash your face, you are exposing your body to those chemicals. Installing a water filter will help to reduce contact with these chemicals and byproducts. The water filter will prevent contamination of the water in your tap.

Reduce the Risk of Breakage – When the sediment in hard water accumulates in the pipes, they can cause corrosion of the copper. This means the pipes are weaker and more susceptible to damage. In cases of damage to large community water mains, the water can become contaminated with debris, oils, dirt, and sediment. This will then be delivered to your home, increasing your risk of health problems. But, with a water filter to clean your water, you won’t have to worry! The water running through your pipes will be free of sediment, debris, and oils. You will have water that is as fresh and clean as possible.

Prevent Pipe Damage – Copper pipes are used in a lot of homes, but the downside of copper is that it tends to corrode if it is in contact with sediment-rich water for an extended period of time. Corrosive buildup known as “limescale” accumulates in your pipes and gets into your water. A whole-home water filter can prevent limescale buildup in your copper pipes. The filter will clean the water before it enters your home plumbing, ensuring it’s as fresh and safe as possible. It will also reduce the risk of your copper pipes being damaged by hard water.

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