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If you could keep moisture off the walls and ceiling in the bathroom without opening a window, wouldn’t that be great? Especially when it’s colder outside. This is totally possible and doesn’t take too much effort. Upgrade to a larger bathroom exhaust fan to help. 

  • Check for dust. You shouldn’t have to open a window to get rid of the moisture in your bathroom if you have an exhaust fan. If you do, however, you should check your fan. Open the cover and vacuum it out to get rid of the dust and debris preventing it from doing its job. If that doesn’t work, it’s time for a new fan. 
  • Keep it quiet. Compare models to determine which will be the quietest. You don’t want to do an upgrade, and it end up being an annoyance, after all. 
  • Determine the size fan you need. Divide your bathroom’s volume by 7.5, and you will get the total cfm rating (cubic feet per minute). You should choose a higher cfm than what you actually need if the duct run exceeds 20 feet.

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