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If you have ever come back to a load of laundry you were doing to see it has been moved to the dryer, then you probably live with one or more people in the house. While this can be a kind gesture or maybe a family member in a hurry, this can also result in items you didn’t intend to be dried getting shrunk. 

The finish on a washing machine is quite similar to the finish on a whiteboard, and because of that, you can write on it with a dry erase marker. You should still spot test this to ensure it comes off with a paper towel. Next time you throw a load into your washer, and there are things you don’t want to be dried, write on the lid of the washing machine which items need to be air-dried or what setting the dryer needs to be put on. This will help you avoid your favorite sweater getting shrunk down multiple sizes from being put into the dryer on high heat. 

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