From caked-on toothpaste to hair, water stains, or beauty products, here is an easy way to disinfect your sink and have it looking shiny and new again! 

Scrub your sink down first. Use warm water and a sponge to loosen up what you can. Once you remove the base of the stains and/or debris, you should rinse it out. Take a paper towel and wipe up any more of the gunk that you can. Get as much as you can to make it easier to disinfect. Plug the drain and let the sink fill entirely with the warm water. Pour in a safe sink cleaning/scrubbing agent. Allow it to mix with the water on its own. Once the sink is filled almost to the top, shut the water off and let the mixture sit for five or so minutes. After, drain the sink entirely. Once the sink has air dried, you’ll want to take a paper towel and wipe down the sink to ensure it is fully dried. Once you have dried your sink, you can feel better knowing that your sink is now clean and disinfected.

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