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If you have a bottle of vinegar in your kitchen, there’s plenty of good use for it besides the obvious. Read below to see some ways you can use vinegar around your home. 

  1. If you have glass shower doors, vinegar can make them sparkle and shine like new. Soap and water can leave spots on your doors, but you can mix vinegar with warm water and clean with a microfiber cloth to get them looking brand new again. 
  2. Dirty grout? Using a toothbrush dipped in vinegar, scrub grout and watch it turn whiter. Don’t use it on marble or other natural stone as it can be harmful to those materials. 
  3. If you still have wallpaper but want it gone, all you need is equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Saturate the wallpaper and use a sponge to peel away the old paper. 
  4. Rust spots? Soak old tools or corroded nuts and bolts in vinegar to remove rust and scale deposits. 
  5. Are there mineral deposits on your showerhead? Fill a resealable bag with vinegar and let your showerhead soak for an hour. Rinse and wipe clean for a good as new showerhead. 

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