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The housing market can go through cycles of extreme highs, and extreme lows and homeowners are always wondering about their home’s value. While there are plenty of things we can’t control that are factored into how much a house is worth, there are a few things we certainly can control, like a bathroom remodel, for example. If you’re in the market for a renovation, you may want to think twice about getting rid of that bathtub. 

Eliminating the Only Tub

This is where you’ll run into the most potential trouble. Most homebuyers are looking for at least one full bathroom in the house, and this means one with a toilet, a shower, and a separate tub, or a shower/tub combo. If you get rid of the only bathtub in the house, your home will now be listed with X number of bedrooms, and that full bath you once had will now be considered a ¾ bath, which will likely decrease your home’s value.

Just think, younger couples who may be planning on having children one day, or couples who currently have young children will likely be looking for at least one bathtub to make bathing their child or children more convenient. While it may not seem that important to you now, you won’t want to eliminate that entire population as potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Eliminating Additional Tubs

If you already have one bathtub in the house and that one is going to stay put, feel free to remove additional tubs in the home. Whether you wish to switch from a tub to a shower, or make more space in the bathroom overall, as long as there is one bathtub in the house, it won’t necessarily impact your home’s resale value if you decide to get rid of any extras.

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