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Here are some tips to avoiding accidents in the bathroom: 

  1. Prevent slips and falls with non-slip mats on the floor and nonslip grips in your shower and tub. 
  2. Avoid using bath oils. While they may smell great, they can make your bathtub very slippery. 
  3. Check that your water heater is set to 120 degrees F. This will ensure your water heater is working efficiently and that your water is sufficiently warm without burning. 
  4. Keep your electrical appliances unplugged like hairdryers, straighteners, electric razors. 
  5. Install a handheld or adjustable shower head to help you maneuver the water stream where you need it to minimize movement in the shower. 
  6. Install grab bars around or in your shower or tub to prevent slips. 
  7. Installing a shower seat can also help prevent slips and falls and provide added comfort to your shower. 
  8. Keep your shower supplies in easy reach to reduce moving around too much.
  9. Remove clutter and keep the path in your bathroom clear of dirty clothes, towels, or cords.
  10. Most importantly, take your time. Life gets busy, but taking your time in the bathroom reduces the likelihood of slips and falls. 

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