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HEP offers full service plumbing repairs and installations. All commercial and residential work is 100% guaranteed and our experts are ready to help 24/7. Our plumbing team is fully certified and all work meets local building codes and exceeds industry standards. We stand behind out work by offering a guarantee on all HEP services. After examining your specific problem, out technicians will give you a quote before any work is started.
We have listed some of the most common problems we service; however, don’t hesitate to call us if you need a specific plumbing repair or have a question.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

We understand that every minute is precious when it comes to getting your plumbing emergency fixed and that is why we offer our 24/7 emergency service. It doesn’t matter what time, day, or holiday – we want to help you.

General Plumbing Repair & Installation

Leaky Pipes

Dealing with a leaky pipe is never a pleasant experience and many homeowners never notice a problem until it is too late. Since most pipes are not visible to the homeowner, serious problems often develop before any signs become noticeable. There are many different reasons why a pipe could start to leak, such as age and abnormal weather conditions – all of which pose a serious threat to your home. What a good way to spot a problem? Make sure to monitor your water bill for any unusual activity and look out for any unexplainable wet spots and puddles both within and outside of your home. Remember, even a small leak can turn into a major cost when left untreated.


Our plumbers will be happy to repair any problem with your shower. We even can install new ones!


Bathrooms can be prone to various different types of plumbing problems, none of which are more troublesome than those caused with toilets. These problems include leaking, clogging, and constantly running and occur on regular basis due to daily usage. If left untreated, these problems can grow into bigger headaches at an even greater cost.

Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal is one of the most used kitchen appliance in the homeowner’s arsenal and the most neglected. For the most part, this neglect does not cause any problem….until it breaks. Garbage disposal repair can be extremely complicated depending on the plumbing configuration, that’s why we recommend you let our trained technicians diagnose and handle the situation so you don’t have to!


Our HEP plumbers can install new faucets and fix your existing ones. Leaking faucets can waste as much water as a leaking pipe if left un-fixed. While a dripping faucet doesn’t seem like major plumbing problem, all of the water wasted can add up on your monthly utility bill.


One of the most common plumbing problems is a clogged drain. Everything that exists your house through either a sink, shower, or toilet has the potential to leave behind debris. When enough of this debris is accumulated, a blockage occurs in the drain line. While some clogged drains may be easily remedied with the use of your name brand drain cleaner, many clogs require bigger reinforcements. Our HEP plumbers use both cable and hydro-jetting to remove blockages depending on severity.

Frozen Pipes

Cracking and leaking from frozen pipes is caused when the water inside the pipe freezes and expands to a point where the pipe can no longer contain its contents. There are many ways to help hinder the freezing of your pipes such as putting protective sleeves over exterior pipes, or pipes with little insulation, and leaving those faucets on a drip to keep the water flowing inside the pipe. But if winter does hit your pipes, call our plumbers at HEP, Inc. to get your water back flowing freely in no time.

Water Heaters

We can repair and install all 3 types of water heaters – gas, electric, and tankless. Call us for more information and “HEP” will be on the way.

Sewer line Repair & Replacement

When problems with your sewer lines occur, it can be a nightmare. Your sewer lines are responsible for carrying waste and sewage from your home or commercial building to a treatment facility. Not only can sewer line problems disrupt your daily schedule, but if left unchecked, can cause environmental hazards from groundwater contamination. At HEP, our certified plumbers can repair or replace your existing sewer line without disrupting your busy schedule. There are many reasons for a sewer line problem….

Water Filtration & Treatment Systems

Ready for healthier, cleaner water? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Plumbing Inspections

HEP, Inc. offered a Preventative Maintenance package that includes a full plumbing inspection! Yearly inspections are extremely beneficial to any homeowner because you don’t have find out about problems the hard way. In all our inspections, we make sure your plumbing is running smoothly and that can keep your peace of mind.

Sump Pumps

One of the most common problems with basements is flooding and water damage. These water leaks can come from various sources; however, the best way to avoid any damage to your basement is by installing a sump pump.There are two different types of pumps – pedestal and submersible.

Green Plumbing

We are proud to offer some “greener” solutions to home plumbing such as hot water recirculation. If you have a specific request, call us!

Appliance Hook-up

Want to feel confident that your appliances are connected properly to their water source? Let our licensed plumbers come out to make sure it is done right the first time.