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Knoxville, TN ElectricianHEP Electric proudly serves Knoxville, TN and all surrounding areas. Our electrician’s are the best in Knoxville. They have commitment and dedication to our customers ensure we remain an A+ company. We take pride in our membership with the Better Business Bureau.  HEP‘s professional team of electricians has years of experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential services.

“Higher Standards”

With drug-testing, background checks, advanced technical training, and industry certifications, you can feel comfortable inviting HEP Knoxville Electric into your home or office. Plus, we charge by the job, not the hour. You can be assured that you will receive the excellent service you deserve without the high prices.

Important things you should know about Electricians

Are Electricians licensed?

Electricians working in the State of Tennessee are required to be licensed.

Are there different levels of Licensing?

Yes, there are 4 levels of licensing for Electricians.

  • Apprentice Electrician
    Someone new to the trade is considered an Apprentice. Upon 2 years of supervised training and obtaining a passing score on an Electrical exam, they become a Wireman Electrician.
  • Wireman Electrician
    A Wireman Electrician is able to work unsupervised in any residential home. They cannot work in the commercial field without a Journeyman Electrician present.
  • Journeyman Electrician
    At HEP, all of the Electricians we send to your home to work on your electrical system hold this license, or are working under the supervision of a Jouneyman or Master Electrician. To be a Journeyman Electrician, one must complete 8000 hours of work under a Master Electrician and pass a written exam.
  • Master Electrician
    A Master Electrician is just that, a Master. All electrical contracting companies MUST have a Master Electrician on board to oversee the electrical work being performed on a daily basis.

Do electrical contractors have insurance?

Yes, all electrical contracting companies must be licensed as an electrical contractor in the State of Tennessee. This is designed to insure customer safety and protection by requiring the licensed company maintain a minimum adequate general liability insurance policy. It also requires the company to be directly supervised by a licensed Master Electrician.


It is absolute imperative that you check the status of any electrician before you hire them. There are MANY unlicensed electricians operating illegally all around Knoxville and smaller cities. These illegal electricians even advertise that they operate with insurance and proper license. Just because you find an electrician on the internet or in a phone book doesn’t mean they are licensed. Don’t be afraid to ask any electrical contractor for their license number. If the contractor is following the rules he will be happy to give it to you. Our license number is 00049782